Wednesday, April 15, 2009

...And Eat it Too!

Apparently my buddy Sasaki decided she needed to make a cake with something cute on it.  She'd never done it before.

This is what happened next:

Keep in mind that this is her FIRST cake with art on it.

If I had tried to do this, it would not look like that.  It wouldn't even look like a cake.
It's a good thing SOME of us have talent!


Ginna said...

WOW! Too lovely to eat I'd say. I'd probably just shellack it and put it in the closet until little kids snuck and ate it all up.

K said...

Shellacking doesn't work, Gin. I tried that with that magnificent ginger bread house that our neighbors made for us one year - I sprayed it with shiny craft spray and stowed it into the front bedroom closet - where some months later, I found Cammon and - was it Jess or Elise? - EATING IT.

I've always been interested in cake decoration, but I've come to the place in my life where I know that making birds is a better bet for me.

Rachel said...

That cake is darling! You didn't actually cut into it and eat it did you?

Brian has asked that I refrain from making cakes in this house. I've made some very oogly cakes over the years. They taste good! But the decorating looked like monster trucks on a pile of throw up.........