Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little More

I know my blogs have been picture heavy lately, and this post is no different. I find that I have very little to say about my life lately—my pictures are doing the talking, really.

Quill Once Again by *Chajiko on deviantART

I love this guy. He is currently at the top of my hot-list. Also, can I just say that I WANT a feather cloak like his?

Why my gallery wouldn't give me an embed code I cannot tell. Hope this works:

Celune, my World of Warcraft character and her love, the blood elf Jath. Their peoples are on opposite sides of a war, but they have found love in each other through their common interests—scholarship and magic.

THis picture is a good illustration (ugh bad pun) of the leaps I'm making in my drawings. Couples have always been VERY difficult for me to draw, and this is the second successful one I've been able to do in the past three weeks! Not only that, but there's foreshortening on her body in that pose. :3 Also, note that I've drawn a background and be AMAZED!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is really just to showcase some new art because it's been so long since I've shown any! Most of these are characters belonging to me and to my friends in World of Warcraft. The one with the pony tail is my character, Celune!

WoW: Phrae and Celune by *Chajiko on deviantART

WoW: A Matter of Respect by *Chajiko on deviantART

WoW: Love in Name by *Chajiko on deviantART

Charlene by *Chajiko on deviantART

Quill by *Chajiko on deviantART